Chiltern 20 footprint


Please ensure all members of your team, Scouts and Scout Leaders, read these instructions as well as the Rules and Kit List and that you all understand the arrangements for the event.




The emergency telephone number for Central Control is a mobile number 07960 282626. Please ensure your team’s home contact has this number which will be operational from 07:00 on Saturday 12th October.


Team managers will be sent team numbers and start times by email. We will also send a “checking in time” to help control the flow of teams through the registration process. Please make sure that your team arrives within the time window to avoid delays and congestion.

There is no food available at the start. In previous years Scout Groups have provided Bacon Butties for sale as part of a charity fund raising activity. If this is available this year, we will let you know.

Please follow the signs for the car park for this event as you enter the venue. It is important that you do not park in other areas or obstruct access for other vehicles. There will be direction and other signs displayed at the venue to assist you in navigating your way around the premises.


Please check in on arrival. When you check in please report as a complete team and you will be issued with the necessary items for the walk.

These include:

  • Identity Wristbands (team no. plus A,B,C,D,E,F,G) - these are individual to each walker and should be worn on the wrist at all times for identification. The emergency telephone number is also on the wrist band.
  • Felltrack tracker band. This is worn like a wristwatch and it allows walkers to be scanned through each check point for timing purposes. It is not for locating lost walkers. It is a passive device which only operates in close proximity to the readers at each check point. It must be worn throughout the walk by all walkers.

If you have any team member changes please log into your profile and make the necessary amendments prior to arrival. This can be done up until 10pm on Thursday 11th October. After this time, changes will need to be made at the checking in desk on arrival.

It is the Scout Leader’s responsibility to ensure that all those taking part are aware of the rules. In addition, the Scout Leader must ensure that all his or her participants know:

  • Their team name
  • Their team leader (shown “A” on the entry form). [An adult walking with a team is not the team leader. This person is simply walking with the team to ensure their safety.]
  • Team number (as issued by the event organisers)
  • Numbers of the two mobile phones carried by the team. It will be helpful for teams to decide in advance which mobile numbers will be used, and to write them down on a piece of paper to present at checking in.


Teams will be timed in and out at one of the checkpoints where navigation training will be given by the GLN Mountaineering Team and Walkers should eat the packed lunch they have brought with them at any time during the walk. There is no designated lunch break, and time is not deducted for this pause in the walk. These sessions are designed to make the event more interesting and to improve the team’s ability to navigate. The time spent WILL NOT count towards the team’s finishing time.


Those of you bringing along supporters are reminded that the refreshments at checkpoints is for teams only. Supporters can pick up details of the route from the Information Desk once all the teams have started. Supporters must ensure that any parking restrictions are followed.


An evening meal will be provided for all participants.


The presentations for the event will start at 18:00 with an event summary, guest speaker, certificates and trophy presentation. To ensure that we get the certificates produced and presented in good time, we have a cut-off point of 17:30. All walkers arriving at the finish after this time will receive a certificate, but it will not be presented at the ceremony. Team certificates are available for teams who finish with the same walkers that they started with. Certificates are not printed for the adult walkers.

The presentation should be complete by 19:00.

The organisers would appreciate any help with 30 minutes of clearing up at the end.


For your safety and the future of the event please observe the following whilst on the School premises:

  • No smoking anywhere in the School or anywhere on site
  • Fire Exits must be kept clear
  • Do not obstruct doors or gangways
  • Do not obstruct or tamper with fire fighting equipment
  • Familiarise yourself with the fire evacuation procedure


If you discover a fire, sound the alarm, alert a Chiltern 20 official and call the fire services (or ensure someone does).

On hearing the alarm proceed to the nearest fire exit and make your way to the fire assembly point outside the building

Once outside at the assembly point give your name to the official on duty

The Chiltern 20 organisers will appoint fire wardens who will patrol the School and take charge in the event of a fire. Please follow any instructions they give.