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    Each team must comprise of between 3 - 5 participants, all of whom must be members of The Scout Association or Girl Guiding UK.
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    The Chiltern 20 is an experience not to be missed. That is why we have hundreds of returners each year.
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    The Chiltern 20 is an experience not to be missed. That is why we have hundreds of returners each year.

Welcome back to the Chiltern 20 Challenge Hike!

The event organisers have been planning this year’s event in the shape of a Festival Weekend on Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th October 2021.

This year’s Saturday event will be a modified version of a normal Chiltern 20 on Saturday 16th October, with the start and finish being at a new location somewhere in The Chiltern Hills. We will notify team managers of the exact location two weeks before the event.

Teams will be given a time of arrival at the start and finish location. Prior to starting, all teams will take part in a short navigation exercise. There will be no presentation after the event. Certificates will be posted out, and trophies will be presented at a later date. Food will be available to purchase at the finish location.

The event will be run as close as possible to what we have done for the past forty years, with a Junior route of about 15kms and a Senior route of about 20kms. The event will be open to any member of the Scout section born after 16th April 2007, with teams consisting of between three to five Scouts. Any team may be accompanied by up to two adults if the Scout Leader decides this would be a safer option for the team.

The cost for the Chiltern20 Challenge 2021 is £30 per team (regardless of the number of walkers). This provides venue hire, transport where necessary, First Aid facilities and administration costs.

We are providing snack food on a cash basis. More details in due course.

The Sunday event on 17th October is for any team unable to take part on the Saturday to have the opportunity of taking part in a single team challenge event run along similar lines as our Chiltern 20 in October 2020. The cost for this event is £20 per team, regardless of the number of walkers. This is to cover administrative costs.

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The Chiltern 20 is an established event designed to test Scouts on their orienteering skills, endurance and teamwork.

The route will not be disclosed until the day of the event. All teams therefore start with exactly the same chance of winning a trophy.

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Working as a team is not an easy skill to learn but Scouting provides excellent opportunities to do so. The Chiltern 20 is a well established event that is a great example of young people working together.



The Chiltern 20 is a fantastic test of endurance. We advise plenty of training before the event as the event is physically challenging. Try to train in the area with your team in the weeks leading up to the event and make sure you are prepared by understanding the rules and having ALL the kit.



Being able to read an OS map and navigate through challenging terrain such as the Chiltern Hills is an excellent skill to be able to acquire. The route is not disclosed until the morning of the event adding an additional challenge to the event.

One of Greater London North’s success stories

Greater London Norths' success story

We have been running this event for nearly 40 years and we are always happy to see new faces. Challenge yourself and enter our competition.